Cryptocurrency fever? has begun

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Chefin der russischen zentralbank sagt, dass das.

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Cryptocurrency fever? has begun

The head of russias central bank, elvira nabiullina, remains skeptical about cryptocurrencies popularity, which she has previously compared to gold fever.

The head of russias central bank, elvira nabiullina, believes that crypto fever is beginning to diminish, major russian news agency ria novosti reports thursday, oct.

Cryptocurrency fever? has begun

Die chefin der russischen zentralbank, elvira nabiullina, bleibt weiterhin skeptisch gegenüber der popularität von kryptowährungen, welche sie zuvor mit dem go.

Elvira nabiullina, the head of russias central bank, thinks that crypto fever is diminishing.

Technologies such as blockchain have inspired great enthusiasm, but now, as far as we can see, the approach to them is more sober.

Nabiullina, while speaking at finance innovation forum finnopolis held in the south russian city of sochi, said that she believes cryptocurrencies and blockchain are.

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