Despite btc rally

Crypto not on the rise on google or apples app store as bitcoin (btc) and other crypto assets started to rally in april and may, users started to suggest that search interest for coinbase and blockchain on the apple ios app store was on the rise.

Retail investors could be behind the recent bitcoin rally.

Despite this, retail interest in btc is currently lackluster although individual investors could sway the markets if leveraged trading was being used by the majority of them, it is important to note that interest in bitcoin from those who are not currently investing in the markets has plummeted as of late.

Despite btc rally

Global credit future trading.

Despite btc rally, crypto app downloads up just 1.

Elon musk tesla warren.

Despite btc rally

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Crypto apps stagnate despite bitcoin (btc) rally past.

Why bitcoin isnt in the clear yet, despite btc rally past 4,600.

Full credits for this video to newsbtc who listed the info in this video on an.

In fact, the wick to 5,450, in the eyes of cold blooded anyway, was a beautiful bearish retest in that it cements that btc isnt out of choppy waters just yet.