Huobi chain advisory committee

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Mark zuckerbergs sister joins huobi chain advisory committee.

Cryptocurrency exchange huobi sent a friend request to a member of the zuckerberg clan, and that friend request has been accepted.

Huobi chain advisory committee

While facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg may be preparing to investigate potential applications of blockchain technology, his sister randi zuckerberg has now waded into the arena herself.

Huobi chain - home facebook.

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Huobi chain advisory committee

Randi zuckerberg signs on to serve huobi chain advisory committee - the green sign was waved by randi zuckerberg who is the elder sister of the founder of.

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Randi zuckerberg joins huobis public blockchain advisory.

Huobi chain provides individuals and organizations with reliable infrastructure of self-finance.

Randi zuckerberg has joined the huobi chain expert advisory.

Today, huobi group has officially announced the members of the huobi chain expert advisory committee.