Oyster protocol exit scam

Oyster protocol (prl) founder bruno block transfers directorship of prl smart contract to himself and proceeds to exit scam the prl project. Oyster pearl (prl) founder has perpetrated an exit scam after printing millions of prl tokens and trading them instantly on kucoin.

The broth thickens more details emerge on oyster protocol.

Instead of traditional advertising, users of websites contribute their computing resources, enabling the website owner to garner oyster pearls (prl) by securing and contributing to services offered by oyster. Chains carlos terenzi.

Oyster protocol exit scam

The crypto product is designed to enable website owners to earn money by participating in the storage and securing of files within the iota tangle rather than advertising. But the recent exit scam involving promising startup oyster (prl) is in a league of its own.

Oyster protocol founder exit scams, steals 300,000 from.

The news first broke out on reddit and it seems that the transferdirector function was used on the oyster protocol token contract. Oyster protocol issued 90,000,000 worth of prl (pearl) near the end of last year.

Oyster protocol exit scam

Oyster protocol ceo william cordes has declared prl founder bruno block, who recently took a large step back from the project, performed an exit scam. Nina lyon the university.

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Oyster pearl founder performs exit scam - spotlight.

More details have emerged in the matter of oyster protocol, a classic crypto exit scam that ccn first reported on earlier in the week. Mark karpeles spent over.

The world of cryptocurrencies is no stranger to wildly innovative scams and unscrupulous implementations of technology. According to a recent announcement by oyster pearl ceo william cordes, an individual known as bruno block was able to use a function within the oyster pearl smart contract to perform an exit scam.

Oyster protocol was, and possibly still is, designed to solve the current problem with websites losing revenue to adblockers. Spike expert wants.