Site okwave testing mijin

Transactions processed per second will be limited, but besides that the service is the same as the mijin service that will be introduced later in 2016.

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With faster transactions and a much more secure network than ripple, being far more easily customization, nem is really taking off with all sorts of businesses with implementations ready today.

Tech bureau, a leading japanese blockchain and cryptocurrency company has announced that shinsei bank, a japanese bank that provides a full range of financial products and services, and okwave, the first and largest q&a social community in japan with bitcoin support and over 40 million users, have invested in tech bureau.

Okwave and breadwallet team up to leverage bitcoin use in.

Special services for financial institutions will also be available.

Japans tech bureau, community site okwave testing mijin for ip rights management, user authentication hans lombardo january 12, 2016 japanese fintech firm, tech bureau, and okwave, the developer of japans first q&a community web portal, have formed a business partnership to jointly test and develop the mijin blockchain for intellectual property rights management and user authentication.

Within the testing period anyone is free to create services and applications for personal or corporate use, including for paid products.

Tech bureau offers mijin to the blockchain application.

The largest online bank in japan has been testing mijin since 2015 and has had a 90 cost reduction.

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Okwave is a popular japanese question and answer social website, and no stranger to bitcoin, having integrated a bitcoin tipping feature to their arigato platform last year.