The bankex plasma

Vitalik buterin speaks about bankex plasma and the protocol potential for increasing liquidity at techcrunch sessions conference. Sponsored new platform allows.

Plasma - bankex.

Bankex technical team developed the world first private blockchain that supports plasma protocol for public audit that will allow users to transfer different assets directly to each other leaving intermediaries behind and solving one of the most pressing problems of current crypto world high gas consumption. Plasma implementation is already happening!

The bankex plasma

Bankex plasma will work as a blockchain that processes eth transactions through a smart contract without needing a consensus of the miners of the main ethereum network to confirm the validity of transactions. Major bch action when.

Bankex developed the worlds first private blockchain that.

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The bankex plasma

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Bankex developed plasma-like protocol in 36 hours at worlds largest ethereum hackathon in waterloo mentored by vitalik buterin ethwaterloo, the worlds largest ethereum hackathon, concluded this. In its current state, the ethereum network can handle about 22 transactions per second.

The first use case of bankex plasma - bankex - proof-of.

As a matter of fact, visa cards support over 20,000 transactions per second (tps). This is the first implementation of the plasma blockchain, a solution originally proposed by vitalik.

Plasma like implementation and parent smart contract placed in bankexplasmaparentcontract one of the possible solutions is plasma - the prominent upgrade to ethereum blockchain. Has announced new.

Navigation home about blockchain. Bankex plasma is a new scalability solution for the ethereum network.